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Launching New Ventures

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Launching New Ventures

Transform a promising business opportunity into a venture concept proposal, and launch it as a business for real. Learn the key steps in the venture creation process, including marketing and fundraising. Sharpen your ‘entrepreneurial mindset.

Launching New Ventures, a course about Entrepreneurship & Strategy for Technology-Driven Startups, is designed for professionals, entrepreneurs, and students who want to learn about how to successfully launch a business. Through short, animated lectures, inspiring interviews with entrepreneurs from around the world, short quizzes, suggested readings and a practical final project, students will gain a broad overview of entrepreneurship strategy with insights they can apply to their venture regardless of location, industry or venture stage.

What you'll learn

  • Identify promising business opportunities
  • Develop your ideas into a venture concept
  • Test market receptiveness to your venture idea by using social media
  • Craft an opportunity exploitation roadmap
  • Creatively market your solution
  • Calculate how much money you need, where to find it and how to manage it
  • How and when to protect your intellectual property
  • How to grow your venture (intelligently!)
  • Experience the early stages of the entrepreneurial process
  • Sharpen your “entrepreneurial mindset” and learn how it can benefit your organization.

Meet the instructors

Christopher Tucci, Marc Gruber


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