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Introduction to Discrete Choice Models


Introduction to choice models

The course introduces the theoretical foundations to choice modeling and describes the steps of operational modeling.

Human behavior is complex, and unpredictable. Or is it? Predicting the behavior using mathematical models is the topic of this course. More specifically, we focus on choice modeling, in order to obtain disaggregate demand models.

Focusing on the logit model, the course covers in details the specification of the model, the estimation of its parameters, the validation and the application. Exercises using the software Biogeme are also proposed. Concrete case studies with real data sets are provided.

What you'll learn

  • The behavioral assumptions associated with disaggregate choice models
  • The derivation of operational models
  • The art of model specification
  • The estimation of model parameters from choice data
  • The testing of model specifications
  • Concrete applications of the estimated models.


Michel Bierlaire, Virginie Lurkin


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